The Mark Knopfler prank calls – usage in pop culture

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Less Than Jake Logo

Less Than Jake

There has been at least one sample taken from the Knopfler pranks for use in popular culture – movies, film, music, etc.

On their second album, Losing Streak (1996), the ska punk band Less Than Jake uses a sample from one of the Knopfler calls. The song “Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria” starts with Amanda White’s husband saying “This is the weirdest fuckin’ thing I ever heard…” This soundbite is from the first prank on the tape, “That’s My Wife (Amanda White)” The clip cuts off abruptly before launching into the fast-paced, two-minute song.

We contacted the band to let them know that the calls have been restored and are now available for download and on our YouTube channel. We received a response fromVinnie Fiorello – drummer, lyricist and founding member. Here is what he had to say about the pranks:

“We played the bootleg scratched up tape in our van for years when it first came out – Its just as funny today as it was a decade and a half ( or more? ) ago! – Thanks for pointing this out – Vinnie/LTJ”

As far as we know, this is the only time the Knopfler Tapes have been sampled and used in music, television or film. If anyone knows of any additional pop culture references to these classic prank calls, please let us know. Enjoy!

a.k.a. Marc Knoffler, Knofler, Knophler, Knophfler, Knopler, Noffler, etc.

Prank phone calls – classic pranks from the past…

December 31, 2011 By: admin Category: Mark Knopfler, Prank Calls

The Jerky Boys

Johnny B. and Kamal

In 1993, John G. Brennan (aka Johnny B.) and Kamal Ahmed released an album of prank phone calls, titled The Jerky Boys. The two had already developed an underground following and their bootleg tapes were copied and distributed freely – but this was their first commercial release. It garnered praise from critics and the public alike, eventually selling over two million copies and was followed by The Jerky Boys 2  (1994), The Jerky Boys 3 (1996),  The Jerky Boys 4  (1997) and Stop Staring At Me! (1999). In 2000, Johnny B and Kamal split and went their separate ways. Their final collaboration, The Jerky Tapes, was released in 2001.

Before Caller ID. Before the Jerky Boys, Crank Yankers, the Touchtone Terrorists, Roy D. Mercer, Tom Mabe, Jim Florentine (Terrorizing Telemarketers) and Howard Stern all became famous for their pranks, there were many underground tapes of prank calls circulating. This site is dedicated to all of these classic prank phone calls, with an initial focus on the pranks made under the pseudonym of Mark Knopfler. This tape of pranks was never officially released, but was widely bootlegged on cassette tapes and passed around on college campuses nationwide. Most versions contained several generations of audio-dubbing and the quality was pretty poor. We have gone through considerable time and effort to digitally restore the audio recorded on these tapes and will provide them for free download.

The initial release will contain 16 tracks of classic Mark Knopfler prank calls – UNCUT & UNCENSORED!

Little is known about Mark’s identity. There are many theories as to why he never came forward and claimed his place in history. Perhaps several of his prankees reported the calls to the police and he was keeping a low profile? The calls were definitely made in the Dover, Delaware area. Also, he mentions Ted Turner’s Goodwill Games in one of the calls, so they were likely recorded in the summer of 1986  or 1990 – since we personally received these calls for the first time in the fall of 1990…

However, one thing is certain. These prank calls were NOT made by the “real” Mark Freuder Knopfler – the Scottish-born lead guitar player, vocalist and head songwriter for the band Dire Straits. Why the prankster chose this name is yet unknown, but this is what he calls himself in the majority of the calls. Perhaps he will come forward someday and answer all of our questions.

a.k.a. Marc Knoffler, Knofler, Knophler, Knophfler, Knopler, Noffler, etc.